spring 2023

Indian Ocean Coast

«The sea lives in each of us. Each of us has their own piece of coast that we will certainly find. Unfortunately or fortunately there are no marked maps. You can only find the needed coast with your gut. You will meet many people on your way that will make fun of your search. But it is important to continue against all odds.» - Elchin Safarli.

I open my eyes and hug the ocean with them. Its coast is a haven for a wandering soul. Best antidepressant in the world. With sunrise disappears the tension, and awakens the state of total peace and relaxation. There is something to think about, to consider. Guess the future.
Thoughts are so clean and clear that you want to share them with everything around. Wth the sky. With the sun. With the waves. With coastal cliffs.
It is nice to realize that your coast is the one. And you made the right choice in your life.

You need time for such insights. Energy. Inner peace and balance.

Minimalism does it all. Frees.
Helps to move in the right direction.