Love is a feeling that is able to save from all troubles. Inspiring. Setting inner balance. To experience it Minimal!st team went to the coast of the Indian ocean - the land of rising sun.

India is a country of contrasts and unique culture. The place of power and centuries of traditions in which you fully immerse yourself. Right away.

The land of the Hindus - the second most populated country in the world. Noise, chaos and vanity from the first hours of being here - all of it vanishes, leaving you with a feeling of limitless freedom, complete harmony and peace.

You have to see India. To get to know it. Properly. If you open up to it completely your soul will be filled with nothing but boundless joy.

Hundreds of kilometers of endless beaches. The tides and sunsets. And the sea, so renewable and calming... Here it is, heaven on earth. And everything seems so familiar, simple and clear.

India is love. From the first minutes to the rest of the life. That you want to keep in your heart. That you want to share. And we want to share these beautiful and inspiring photos, so there is a part of India in your heart, as well.

With love,