spring 2023


Everyone dreams about visiting the beautiful French capital. Minimal!st team could make this dream come true. And we want to share the impressions and atmospheric moments of our photoshoot in Paris.

Once coming to Paris you come back again and again til the end of life. Through photos, memories, emotions that you experienced during the moment of meeting the city. Parisian air has something special in it. Inspiring. Every corner, yard, park, garden, street is drowned in warmth and romance. Heart beats timidly when you realize that every step repeats the route of the great writers and artists that changed the world. Every street breathes history. You get consumed by it. We managed to be alone with the city. Share our thoughts and ambitions with it. Make in its light something that defines us - jewelry. Our mission.

"Paris is not a place that you change the plane, it is a city that changes your life" - this trip changed us. Let's change together.