august 2023


While planning photoshoots we always question ourselves what countries and cities could convey Minimal!st jewelry to the fullest. To the max. This time it was an obvious choice - one of the biggest and most beautiful metropolises of the world - Moscow. Sharing the vibe of the capital and inspiring moments of a shooting process with you.

Port of five sees, city on seven hills, third Rome. Moscow. It's all about it: a multimillion, spread for dozens of kilometres, giant city that never sleeps.

Moscow is a living organism with its own unique character. It represents itself to each person differently.

Panorama views, organic eclectics, impressive scales and expanses in which one can get lost. Forget. Blend in. Without a trace.

Bright and aesthetic, minimalistic and thoughtful. This metropolis doesn't pressure with crazy rhythm anymore. Here you can seclude yourself. Take a deep breath. Feel freedom and inspiration with every cell of your body and soul.

We definitely got a lot of inspiration from this photoshoot. Now it's your turn!

Your Minimal!st.