Necklace Dropi

Minimal!st is a brand of laconic silver 925 jewelry in rhodium and gold plating. The main feature of jewelry is geometrical shapes and its adaptiveness to mix and match with each other.

Necklace is a piece of jewelry that accentuates the neck area. It can have a chain, invisible lace or encrusted with gemstones. Sometimes it comes with pendants that are located in the centre of the chain. The lock varies from spring, slide etc. Oftentimes the necklace has an additional chain for regulating the length.

Perfect gift for Valentine's, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Anniversary and Birthday for women, girl, girlfriend, wife, mom, daughter. Suitable for attending parties, weddings, ceremonies, birthdays, events, festivals, everyday wear and other occasions.

It is recommended to take the jewelry off before going to bed and while doing sports. Avoid contact with water, perfume and aggressive environments.

All jewelry has its own unique ID that can be checked on the website of the Embassy Chamber of the Russian Federation. Our jewelry meets the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and has a manufacturer label.

Material: 925 sterling silver

Plating: Rhodium

Weight: 0,6 g

Inserts: Zirconia