Sustainability through intelligent design, ecological materials and smart living technology


We know that nature has all that we need to produce jewelry. That is why we use only 100% natural materials. We also think that nature takes care of us so we must take care of it in exchange. That is why our packaging is simple, biodegradable and multi-use. We have minimal waste.


We suggest timeless, off-season, and elegant jewelry for women and present our collection as a way of self expression, demonstration of values and smart investments. Every jewelry piece is made of noble metals with a focus on purposeful clean design, fine lines and minimalistic details. All of it is confirmed by the timelessness and minimalism as an integral part of Minimal!st structure.

As a society we must take into consideration the influence of fashion on the planet and beyond. Our dream is to shift the paradigm of fast fashion towards the conscious consumption choosing slow over fast, respect over greediness. Your purchase of our timeless jewelry matters. It is a proof of our collective ability to transform fashion as a force of good.

Off-trend fashion

Recyclable materials

Biodegradable packaging